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Aug 12

AG goes live! –

Thanks for checking in with us.  American Grownup is now live.  We are still in our final testing stages with the site, but we've recorded a number of shows that we are ready to share with you.  We've got shows about astrology, adventure, business, and even whether 2010 really is a good year to die (this show is about the repeal of the 2010 estate tax and what it really means).  We've got a show for aspiring authors about how to get a literary agent.  We've got shows with a medium who talks to dead people.  We've got shows with CEO Headhunters and management consultants.  And that's just the beginning.  American Grownup is a reality radio show.  That means its your show.  It's about real people, for real people.  Fakes and phonies are not welcome.  If you have a good story, something to teach, or an experience to share, or if there is something you want to learn about, contact us at, and we'll talk about doing a show together.  No matter who you are, or where you live, we are only an e mail or phone call apart.

Here are some show ideas we are considering: Ask the dermatologist (botox, anyone?), Ask the vet (is it ok to do the wild thing in front of our pet?), Why do so many people swear by their chirpractor? Are vitamins just a big corporate scam?  Baseball astrology, Psychos at the Gym .... These are just some of our thoughts!  Some of you know that I am an attorney, so there are many legal matters we can share and talk about as well.  E mail us at with your questions, thoughts, and comments so we can make American Grownup your show.  Thanks and hope you enjoy.  Peace.  Lisa

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