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Feb 10

Geraldine Beers – Attorney and Activist

Topic: Health Care Bill 3 - What\'s all the fuss about the Public Option?

Keywords Why all the fuss about the Public Option? Attorney activist Geri Beers gives AG a basic overview of the public option, what is says, and why it became such a heated and polarizing political issue.

Category: Politics

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The public option was intended to be just one option in the insurance exchange, so people could buy insurance from the federal government. And since it was run by the government, there would be no profit motive, and competition would give rise to lower premiums. The premiums were to cover the cost of the service. No one was going to be forced into it. But the left turned it into the pathway to Medicare for all, and the right turned it into a government takeover with death panels for senior citizens. But it was an option. Listen to Geri articulate the basics of the bill, and the struggle that ensued about it. (This show was recorded before the bill was passed in March, 2010 – without the public option).

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