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Sep 07

John Gonnella – Attorney Adventurer

Topic: Aniakchak Volcano, Aleutian Islands of Alaska (5)

Keywords John climbs into the 3,400 year old Aniakchak Volcano, in the Alaskan Aleutian Islands. Only 79 people had ever gone into the caldera at the time of John’s trip.

Category: Travel and Adventure

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217 miles from Russia, close to the Arctic Circle, flanked by the Bering Sea and the Pacific Oceans, the Aniakchak is an exotic, dangerous, and remote volcano. The caldera, (the cauldron formed by the land collapsing following a volcanic eruption) was formed more than 300 years ago. In this sixth show of the Gonella adeventure series, John Gonnella shares the amazing geological sites and wildlife they experienced living inside the mountain.

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