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Geraldine Beers

Attorney and Activist

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Geraldine Beers is an attorney and activist.  She practices real estate and corporate law at the law firm of Dunn Lambert, LLC in Paramus, New Jersey.  Lisa and Geri have known each other for more than ten years, and met when they practiced law together. 

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Feb 10

Topic: Health Care Bill 3 - What\'s all the fuss about the Public Option? – Why all the fuss about the Public Option? Attorney activist Geri Beers gives AG a basic overview of the public option, what is says, and why it became such a heated and polarizing political issue.

Feb 10

Topic: Health Care Bill 2 - Dumb it Down Please – She actually read the Health Care Bill. So what does it actually say? More with attorney activist Geraldine Beers on the Health Care Bill, politics, and her opinions about how the Washington wheel is greased.

Feb 10

Topic: Health Care Bill 1 - What is it? – Attorney activist Geraldine Beers explains the basics of the Health Care Reform Bill, and asks why liberals think they shouldn\\\'t have to compromise to get things done in Washington.

Feb 10

Topic: Health Care Bill 4 - Take Your Toys and Go Home – Give the President a chance! Geri shares her opinions and frustrations with the criticism of President Obama, as he worked with the right to get the bill passed.

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