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Leann Sgambati Larocca


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Leanne is a medium.  She one of the founders of the Montclair Metaphysical and Healing Center in Montclair, NJ  Leeann is a psychic/medium, animal communicator/healer, CHT, and energetic healing practitioner. It is her joy to be of service in helping others find balance and healing within themselves.

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Sep 13

Topic: Real Ghost Whispering 1 - She Talks to Dead People – Medium and psychic Leeanne Larocca connects with spirits as a way to help others help themselves.

Sep 20

Topic: Real Ghost Whispering 2 - Hell and the After Life – Where are you going when you die? Can you control where you end up? Why do spirits stick around? Just what is Hell? What is your Hell? Listen to more stimulating spiritual rap with medium/psyhic Leeanne Larocca.

Sep 27

Topic: Real Ghost Whispering (3) Past Life Regression – Past life regression story that will blow you away with medium/psychic Lee Larocca.

Oct 04

Topic: Real Ghost Whispering (4) More About Past Life Regression – Regression on the radio? Medium/psychic Lee Larocca agrees to regress Lisa, and tells AG listeners about the Montclair Metaphysical and Healing Center in Montclair, NJ, which Lee founded with her partner.

Oct 11

Topic: Real Ghost Whispering 5 – In this fifth of six session,

Oct 18

Topic: Real Ghost Whispering 6 – In this final of six sessions, Leanne Sgambati Larocca, cofounder of Montclair Metaphysical and Healing Center, talks about her work as a medium, including rescue work and animal telepathy.

Apr 20


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