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Jeff Geist is a seasoned and well known astrologer, and the author of \"The Art of the Journey, A Guide to Solar Return Relocation For Action Astrologers\"


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Sep 13

Topic: Astrology 101 (Show 1) The Signs and the Houses – Astrology is much more than “your sign”. Seasoned astrologer Jeff Geist gives AG listeners an excellent primer on the basics of the zodiac, including the 12 signs and the 12 houses, planetary “rulers” and much more.

Sep 20

Topic: Astrology 101 (Show 2) Aries and the First House, Taurus and the Second House. – Jump into things too fast? Contemplate matters to the point of neurosis? Issues with money? Astrologer Jeff Geist gives AG listeners a sneak peek into he astrological motivations of our Aries and Taurus brothers and sisters.

Sep 27

Topic: Astrology 101 (Show 3) Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and the Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Houses – I communicate therefore I am; I understand therefore I am – which sign is that? Which sign rules the head? The throat? What sign is Mike Tyson, Leo the Lion, or Cancer the Crab … Listen in to astrologer Jeff Geist to find out.

Oct 04

Topic: Astrology 101 (Show 4) Libra, Scorpio and the Seventh and Eighth Houses – Justice, open warfare, sex, death, and other peoples money are governed by Libra and Scorpio and the sixth and seventh houses. Listen in for more with AG astrologer Jeff Geist.

Oct 11

Topic: Astrology 101 (Show 5) Sagitarrius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and the Final Four Houses – Passion, desire, principles, substantiation of ideas, soul growth, concentration, realization, friendship, confinement, psychic garbage heap are just some of the words astrologer Jeff Geists uses to describe the final four signs and houses of the zodiac.

Oct 18

Topic: Astrology 101 (Show 6) Planetary Tranists – What are transits of the planets? Why are they so key in astrological evaluation? What does it mean that astrology is geocentric? Lisen to astrologer Jeff Geist explain what transits are and why they are so important.

Oct 25

Topic: Astrology 101 (Show 7) Planetary Aspects – What is a conjunction, astrologically speaking? Besides being words that join two parts of sentence, a conjunction is an astrological aspect that occurs when two planets occupy the same longitudinal positions, or positions within a small (let’s say ten

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