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Anthony and Maria

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Anthony and Maria are friends.  We go to each others' houses.  We go to dinner.  We talk.  We disagree.  Mainly, we just have fun with it, but we definitely don't pretend to agree. 

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Feb 27

Topic: Pizza Rap – Chicken or Pizza? Listen on a late night after dinner rap with friends Anthony and Maria. We talk about our favorite last meal ... and end up talking some serious pizza.

Feb 27

Topic: Lent - Who's on the Meat Raft? – More late night rap, this time, we get into lent - and raise some salient, but light hearted questions.

Feb 27

Topic: OK to be GAY – Of course its ok to be gay, but why are guys still uptight about it? In a late night, after dinner rap session with AG friends Anthony and Maria, we get into it.

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