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Eric Frankel

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Eric Frankel is a prominent business expert in the areas of talent management, leadership and organizational dynamics. Eric founded Frankel Corporate Consulting in 1995 and has worked with hundreds of businesses to build infrastructure, mentor key employees and achieve sustained growth. His newest venture, 10 Minutes to Change, launched in 2008, harnesses his relentless passion for organizational performance with his unique gift to assess talent and deliver essential perspective in a memorable, highly constructive manner.

Eric spent the formative years of his career honing his management and business skills with Ernst & Young and in financial leadership positions with two successful middle market companies. He is a licensed CPA in the State of NJ and a frequent speaker at Industry Association and University events.

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Jun 19

Topic: – Even if your not in sales, you need to sell yourself to find the right position. AG speaks to Eric Frankel, founder of Ten Minutes to Change about this and more.

Sep 15

Topic: Ten Minutes to Change...What? – What is a Management Consultant, and what is "Ten Minutes to Change?" CPA and Management Consultant Eric Frankel, talks about what management consultants do, and why you may need one, especially in this challenging economy.

Sep 22

Topic: Affordable Outplacment Alternatives – What is Ten Minutes to Change and why is it important for employers as well as employees?

Sep 29

Topic: Cold Calling isnt so Bad – Looking for a job? Can you handle cold calling to find your next job? AG speaks to Eric Frankel, founder of Ten Minutes to Change about this and more.

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