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Erika Weinstein

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Erika Weinstein is President of Executive Search Firm Stephen Bradord Search, in New York City and San Francisco.

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Oct 06

Topic: CEO Headhunter – Talent and money make companies grow. Erika Weinstein finds talent. Get a first hand understanding of what CEO headhunters do, who and what they are looking for, and how they find the talent their clients want.

Oct 13

Topic: Dysfunctional Job Interviews – Your dream job interview quickly turns into a nightmare. How do you handle it? AG talks with CEO Headhunter Erika Weinstein about the most important thing you need to do before an interview, and how to handle weirdos in the interview room.

Oct 20

Topic: Do I Bother Sending My Resume? – Do headhunters read your resumes? How do you get to that next level in your career? AG talks to CEO headhunter Erika Weinstein about what happens behind the scenes at an executive search firm.

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